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IWC Mark XVIII – Customer Watch Spotlight

IWC Mark XVIII Brown Wyatt Watch Strap

This month we’re lusting over our friend Iain’s IWC Mark XVIII. This handsome watch is heir to one of the most iconic pilot watches ever.  He paired with our “Wyatt” brown padded handcrafted leather watch strap. We love how our strap transformed an already spectacular timepiece into something really special. We love the simplicity of the dial with its function driven single date display. Previous models were either a bit to big or way to small, but this one, at 40mm, IWC crafted a case that is just the right size and sits perfectly on the wrist.  It’s so incredibly striking and has so much impact.

IWC Mark XVIII Bas and Lokes Wyatt Watch Strap

We can see why Iain was encaptivated by it. He recently told us “I’ve only had my watch a couple of months, I knew I wanted an IWC Mark series pilot watch after seeing one in the wild. It took me three years to save for it and about the time I was ready, IWC announced the release of the new Mark XVIII and I fell in love all over again. I did have to wait another four months before they were released for sale but now I’ve finally got there I am very happy with it and will be for years to come. Most of my watches are on after market custom straps and this is no exception.”


We’re so glad he loves this pairing. Thanks so much, Iain, for sharing your photos with us!


Zelos Abyss – Customer Watch Spotlight

The Zelos Abyss watch and our “Huck” burgundy watch strap.

Zelos Abyss and Bas and Lokes "Huck" modified burgundy watch strap

Zelos Abyss and Bas and Lokes “Huck” modified burgundy watch strap

We were thrilled when we recently received these beautiful photos from “J” , one of our raving fans of his handsome Zelos Abyss watch. It’s paired in these photos paired with a slightly customized version of our “Huck” burgundy leather watch strap. He opted for dark brown linen thread instead of the olive thread our “Huck” is originally designed with.

“J” is an avid fan of the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. He loves that it’s not just a place to find interesting new watches by small watchmakers, but other interesting and innovative products as well. He believes it to be a great place for emerging small businesses “to find a way to connect with people who care about their products and have a real passion for contributing in a more meaningful way that just buying something off a shelf.” Zelos Watches launched its brand on Kickstarter with three highly successful campaigns of three different watch models launched on the crowd funding platform since 2014.

Zelos Abyss Bas and Lokes Huck Burgundy Watch Strap

Zelos Abyss looking ravishing paired with our “Huck” burgundy watch strap.

When “J” saw the Zelos Abyss, he felt that it was a “watch that spoke to him personally on a lot of levels.” He found it to be “well designed and constructed, with an all bronze case and buckle that is a beautiful metal capable of aging and growing with the wearer, it is not a homage to anything other than itself, and it is just a fantastic example of form and function working together. “

Zelos Abyss Bas and Lokes Huck Burgundy Watch Strap

A beautiful bronze patina always looks outstanding paired with burgundy and brown tones.

“It is a true dive watch made with real care by a small microbrand watch maker that loves their art.” He missed out on the original Kickstarter Abyss campaign and therefore kept an eye on the watch stalking it for months until we was able to save for it and buy one.   “I am not a rich person, I work hard for my money and like most people I can’t always afford the things I want but don’t “need”.  But then the same week I got a hard won promotion I had been working on for months, I noticed Zelos put this watch on sale and providence can’t be ignored.  I have loved this watch every day since and honestly I have a hard time taking it off.”

We can see why he has a hard time taking it off his wrist. It’s quite a handsome watch and looks incredibly well made. Thanks so much for sharing your story and exquisite photos, “J”.  Wear your watch and our “Huck” strap in good health!

Zelos Abyss Bas and Lokes Huck Burgundy Watch Strap 4

Stunning backside

A little about the Zelos Abyss watch from the manufacturers site:

“A watch built to withstand 3000m of crushing water resistance and crafted from marine bronze which ages based on your experiences.

The Abyss was conceived to survive the most punishing of depths. Every part of the case was redesigned to resist the intense water pressures which would easily crush metals.

Bronze was the natural choice for the Abyss, closely linked to the sea as it is one of the most corrosion resistant metals available. An oxide layer, called a patina, forms a protective skin over time to protect the metal. This patina individualizes each Abyss, creating completely unique pieces.  What starts out as a shiny rose-gold, ages with the atmosphere into a rustic brown.

Maintaining a water resistance of up to 3000m requires a complex balance of thick metal casings and fine gaskets sealing every possible point of leakage. A double O-ring system seals the hefty 4mm thick stainless steel screwdown caseback.”