Watch Unwind – Graf Zeppelin 7640.1

Graf Zeppelin 7640.1

The Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 perfectly paired with our “Camden” saddle tan padded watch strap.

Good Watches Tell Time, Great Watches Tell A Story.

The love of the German made Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 as told by Lokes

I’m unashamedly sentimental about watches. For me their value doesn’t lie with what they cost. Their value lies in the time and experiences they have borne witness to. With the story of how they came into my possession and with changes that meant they got relegated from an every day favourite worn with love, to a relic left in the bottom of a jewellery box or top draw.

Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 and Bas and Lokes Wyatt Strap

A winning combination. The Graf Zeppelin and our “Wyatt” chocolate brown padded leather strap.

I look back fondly on the mickey mouse watch I had as a kid, I loved it because it was my first watch, and the one I learned to tell time on. I remember the waterproof Lorus watch I bought with my own money as a nine year old back when Swatch watches were all the rage. The Lorus kind of looked like a Swatch and since I didn’t have quite enough money saved at the time it was the best I could manage. My sweet mother tried to make me feel better about my purchase and not being able to afford the Swatch and told me Lorus was a much better brand anyway. Bless her. When I turned eighteen my parents gave me a TAG. I still wear that watch, and love it like an old friend.

But My Graf Zepplin, the focus of this post is a newer edition. It’s elegant and strong at the same time. It looks great with a highly polished black strap for special ocassions, and amazing in a broken in brown strap with blue jeans on the weekend.

Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 and Wyatt dark brown strap

Blue jeans, Italian boots, our “Wyatt” strap and the Graf Zeppelin.

I love the silver white face of this watch, it gives it a timeless quality. At first glance you wouldn’t know if this was a hand-me-down from a grandparent or brand new. The case is polished stainless steel. It’s so smooth you can’t help but run your fingertips over it or admire the way the light touches the curves, catching the eye.

Our "Gideon" black suede padded strap is perfect on the Graf Zeppelin.

Our “Gideon” black suede padded strap is perfect on the Graf Zeppelin.

This particular model was made to celebrate the 100 aniversary of the German passenger carrying, hydrogen filled, rigid airship Graf Zeppelin which was commercially operation from 1928 to 1937. That makes it a nice little conversation piece. I love the Zepplin logo, it looks like something right out of world war II.  I also love the font and mostly I love that this watch has a lot going on, yet the face looks uncluttered.

Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 and Buckland watch strap

Enjoying a drink. Our “Buckland” chestnut strap dresses up the Graf Zeppelin.

I’m one of those people who look at my watch about 40 times a day. I look at it every time I have to date a document. I often take it off and sit it on the desk beside my keyboard if I really need to focus on something and cannot be distracted. I find looking at the face of this watch keeps me calm and focussed. Maybe because whenever I check the time on my smart phone I fall into an abyss of push notifications and reminders of all the things I have to do, or don’t have time to do. Where as the Zepplin with its creamy calm face and reassuring hands seems to say, stay focussed, take your time, and you’ll get this done.

Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 and Bas and Lokes Elias rust suede watch strap

Dressed to kill with our rust colored “Elias” suede padded watch strap.

How about you? Whats on your wrist? Got a story about your watch that you’d love to share with us? Email us about. We’d love to hear all about it and maybe feature it on our blog.

Thanks for your reading. Til next time

Lokes and team