Choosing the Perfect Handcrafted Watch Strap

Choosing the perfect Bas and Lokes watch strap

Choosing The Perfect Watch Strap


Every day we’re asked for tips on how to choose the perfect strap to complement your watches. The right strap can absolutely transform any watch. It can compliment it by bringing the focus to the watch itself or it can be so interesting that both the watch and the strap make a bold statement. A strap can give it a whole new look and feel. It can also breathe life into a dusty old watch you fell out of love with ages ago. You can even have several straps to wear with one watch for total versatility and to match your lifestyle.


So here are a few tips to help you find one or several of the perfect strap best suited to match your watch and personality.

Choosing the perfect Bas and Lokes leather watch strap

Tip #1 – Choose a leather strap that complements the color of the watch dial, hands or markers

Take a good look at your watch. Do any colors or tones stand out? Try choosing a strap to complement your dial.
If the dial is brown, then leather in dark brown tones or tans look great for a slight contrast and warm feel. Going with black leather will give it an even more interesting contrast if you are looking for your watch combo to stand out. If your dial is black, these are probably the most versatile watches as they look great with almost any leather. Lighter leather tones stand out even more with black dials. Go with darker colors for a more stealthy look.


Bas and Lokes "Bowen" black handcrafted leather watch strap Rolex Daytona


If your dial is cream or champagne color, then perhaps consider brown or tan straps for a warm and elegant look. White or silver dials are very versatile as well and look excellent with dark and lighter straps. Brown and tan leather lend a warm feel. Grey and black leather are a starker look and provide maximum contrast. Bold leather colors can be used with these dials to make a statement.


Bas and Lokes green handcrafted leather watch strap on Rolex Daytona gold


With watches that have hands or markers in colors that stand out, it’s often best to choose leather that first looks great with the dial. Next choose a thread color for the stitching to compliment the color of the markers or hands by matching or contrasting it.


Matching a Bas and Lokes leather strap to your watch


Tip #2 – Match it to your wardrobe, shoes or accessories


Think about the clothes you wear. Is there an article of clothing or accessory that you wear often, such as wearing the same shoes and belt? This is a good starting point. Choose a strap in the same color or similar tones so it matches these accessories. If it’s a leather jacket you love, then perhaps consider matching it to that or accessories like your favorite bag or wallet.


Matching Bas and Lokes vintage inspired leather accessories

Graf Zeppelin 7640.1 and Bas and Lokes Wyatt dark brown leather watch strap

Tip #3 – Consider where you will be wearing your watch to


If you’re looking for a dressy strap to wear to work with suits or similar attire, typically straps with full stitching are just the ticket as they are a bit more formal. Choose straps in black or dark browns as they’re subtle and don’t stand out as much. If you are the kind of person that wants to make a statement in a formal environment with your suit at work, then go with suede or a bright color to stand out and make a subtle splash.


Bas and Lokes handcrafted leather watch strap on vintage Rolex Datejust


If you’re looking for an every day strap, then think about the kinds of clothes you wear and your style. If you’re more casual, then straps with a vintage look will look fantastic. And don’t forget suede, it’s very versatile and looks beautiful with both casual and elegant ensembles.


Rolex Pepsi with Bas and Lokes "Jensen" natural handmade leather watch strap


Tip #4 – Match to your personality


Forget any rules. Throw them out the window. Wear whatever the heck you think reflects your personality. If it looks crazy then it looks crazy. If its boring, who cares. You’re happy, right?! We think that’s all that matters.


Bas and Lokes suede watch straps


Tip #5 – Can’t decide?


A beautiful handcrafted watch strap can transform any watch and with so much choice, you don’t have to be stuck with any one strap. Sometimes, while most of us dream of having a large watch collection, it’s not always possible. It’s often much easier to have one or two good watches and a handful of different straps that can give you a range of looks for a multitude of occasions.
Panerai Watch Strap Transformation


Bas and Lokes handcrafted black Kingsman leather watch strap


In less than a minute, it’s super easy to swap from a smart formal black strap that you wear to work, to a beautiful vintage style brown one to wear with casual attire on weekends.


Bas and Lokes grey leather watch strap

Hope you’ve found these tips useful. So how do YOU go about choosing the perfect strap for your watch?


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