The Omega Speedmaster: Versatile, Beguiling, Timeless

Bas and Lokes "Cruz" burgundy handmade leather watch strap

Omega Speedmaster. Mention the name to any watch enthusiast and they’ll tell you you have a gem in hand worth two or more in the closet. This amazing timepiece has etched its name in the watch folklore for many a reason, leave alone that tag about being the first and only watch NASA certified for manned space flight.

Omega has been unleashing this watch on mankind in a range of models for decades. I’ve been a fan of the Speedmaster for so long, I thought it was about time I treated myself to one this past December.

Brief Travel through Time

As is expected, the history of this amazing timepiece, aka the moon watch, runs deep.

When Neil Armstrong announced those famous words about mankind making a gigantic leap, the watch he donned was an Omega Speedmaster, one of several manual wind watches NASA tested for use in space. This followed a wrong assumption by the brains over at the space agency that an automatic watch would fail to wind itself while in space.

This was the only watch that passed the arduous tests: extreme cold, heat, water, fog, shock and other rigorous trial. In fact, this reliability would come in handy at one point during the calamitous Apollo 13 mission. When all else failed, the crew had to rely on a Speedmaster to time a critical engine burn which saved their lives following an explosion of their spacecraft as they rounded the moon.

NASA would recertify the Speedmaster for space shuttle missions in the ‘70s, and to date this timeless beauty remains the only watch NASA has certified for space walks and extra vehicular activity.

Today, the Omega brand is synonymous with the Olympic Games and leading public figures such as J.F.K. and Prince William, with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and Michael Phelps amongst the names endorsing it alongside many others like us.

But enough of the history lesson…

Bas and Lokes "Jack" Handmade Leather Watch Strap

Reason I love you…

This is without a doubt one of the most iconic chronograph watches to ever be designed. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I can’t seem to get enough of this bewildering beauty!

The simple thought of this awe-inspiring history alone conjures such feelings of mortality (tell me how many watches can do that).

The Speedmaster I purchased is a 3592.50 Circa 1998, as you may have seen from the many photographs I’ve been posting on my Instagram. Made from stainless steel material, it boasts a display Sapphire caseback beautifully crested with the Apollo XI stamp. Couple this with the gilt (gold-plated) 863 column wheel movement and you can’t help but marvel at this ridiculously good looking wrist eye candy.

Omega Speedmaster Caliber 863

The hesalite crystal is another aspect of the 42mm timepiece you’ll absolutely appreciate which serves to add glitter to the already beautiful combination. It has somewhat of a pronounced dome and rounded corner which enables it to catch light in a slight distortion of the dial that sapphire just can’t match.

Proudly Strapped

What’s a beautiful watch without matching straps really?

The Speedmaster Pro comes in all manners of watchstraps, and it is probably for this reason that I found it to augur well with every Bas and Lokes handmade leather watchstrap I’ve tried it on such as handsome black “Cooper” strap, or our “Jack”, or “Striker” or “Luther”, ok, you get the picture.

Bas and Lokes Ford handmade leather slim wallet copy

As you already know, the best thing about this kind of thing is it blends perfectly with any kind of look: sophisticated, casual, trendsetter, bohemian, futuristic you name it. The versatility of this watch will leave you short of breath.

Now you know why I have such a crazy love affair with my Speedy, right? If you ever catch me wearing two watches, most likely they’ll be this.

Omega Speedmaster on Bas and Lokes grey argus suede watch strap

What do you love most about your Speedmaster?


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